Old School Keyword Targeting Vs. New School Concept

Old School Keyword Targeting Vs. New School Concept

Earlier this year in February 2016, it was published that you can possibly satisfy the searches with intent focusing on broader concepts instead of the old school tried and tested methods.

A research study published on Moz tells that SEOs can stop worrying about keywords focused topics. It is now the old-school way of targeting the search queries and has outdated ever since. Now, Google tends to value those websites that have more relevant Content and of course SEO as well.

For example, if a keyword is “Cheap times to fly”, the old-school way would lead to a topic, “Cheap times to Fly”. This is pretty oldie way of SEO now and perhaps it can be a great guess to judge the professionalism of any SEO company you would hire for your business. A reasonable topic can be “Top 10 best times to fly that wouldn’t cost a lot”. You can see it doesn’t contains the keyword but definitely makes sense about the topic.


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